About Decibels

Decibels is a provider of multi-media encryption and delivery on the Blockchain.

The digital era has greatly reduced the income potential for creators of music, media, and digital files. Torrent technologies and pirating of information have rendered the storage of digital files on computers unsafe, and data leakage is resulting in lower values for both data and creative media, severely crippling the online entertainment industry.

Decibels is a leading innovator in the movement to reclaim ownership and control of music and media for their creators, by tapping into the security, scale, and speed of the Blockchain network to establish an entirely new digital era of music, media sales, and advertising. Backed by the speed and exponential growth of the Ethereum Blockchain, Decibels is developing an optimum ecosystem for growth in the media world, together with a secure personal experience tailored to the entrepreneurial and artistic mindset.

Decibels was founded by creators, for creators, and bridges the divide between digital content providers and their customers by introducing a market approach to the online media industry, allowing creators to establish and develop markets for their content, while providing their customers the opportunity to participate in the content's price determination, thus decentralizing the process of online media content valuation.

Decibels' target customer base includes musicians, artists, designers, directors, developers, producers, film makers, journalists, authors, doctors, architects, and any other creators and users of digital media whom would benefit from the Decibels value proposition. Additionally, as a Blockchain-based decentralized application codex, Decibels provides an open source solution, available for implemention in future projects on platforms such as Tron, Viberate, and other online media outlets that are focused on user interaction.

Decibels' was established on the basis of an age old principle that "what you make belongs to you, and should be easily transferable to others without concerns over unauthorized duplication or theft". The company is currently developing an innovative form of encrypted file extension that will encapsulate and cloak files transferred through the Decibels platform.

Decibels is revitalizing online media markets through the use of advanced encryption technologies and the Blockchain's immutable ledger, to allow for high value multi-media creation, exchange, and market development. Decibels's goal is to create a balance of power in media ownership, between creators and end users, in a way that both retains value for creators and reflects market-driven pricing for customers.

Our Main Features

Every great platform carries some great features, here is what makes Decibels such a great addition to the community...

Advantages of the Development

Besides the idea of secure file exchange, here are some great advantages that come with using Decibels for your media distribution...

Global Entertainment
Market Outreach

Advanced File
Security System

Near Instantaneous
Payouts in Decibels

Internal Payouts

Secure Wallet and Banking
Module for your Holdings

Community Investments
through Involvement

Decibels Use Case

How Decibels interacts with its members:

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  • 01. Register with Decibels Media

    Creators get started by registering with Decibels Media via the Decibels PC or Mobile Application. Creators will then undergo KYC Verification (legal compliance requirements) to gather information necessary for copyright and ownership rights for their files.

  • 02. Complete Verification Process

    Upon passing verification, members can develop their creator profile, and select which form of media they will be offering, or they may create a multi-media platform that can be distributed to all mainstream platforms that accept their file type.

  • 03. Upload media files and secure them with Decibels

    Members will then upload their files directly, or through third-party plugins such as Pro Tools and Reason, allowing for an immediate import into the file vault, and available for market distribution on demand. Members can set specific API keys to ensure that uploaded files reache the market securely.

  • 04. Develop Customer Markets with Decibels Media Marketing Features

    Once a creator's files are distributed and securely posted to networks such as YouTube, where the Decibels secure Codex eliminates media theft during MP4 Conversion, creators can begin to build the value of their markets through file views, sales, and exchanges when selected features are activated.

  • 05. Inform Audiences

    Decibels helps creators to keep audiences informed of new media file additions on the Decibels platform, ensuring that customers never miss the latest and best creations.

  • 06. Receive Earnings

    Proceeds from each sale are instantly added to the creator's Decibels wallet, where they can either be stored, or exchanged for other currencies and transferred to external wallet addresses. Creators also have the option to reinvest their DCBL tokens via advertising and promotion on the Decibels website.

Token Sale

Phase 1

Total Supply – 10,000,000 DCBL

Dates – March 8th to March 20th

Bonus for ICO :

Time Bonus
Days 1-5 10%
Days 6-8 7%
Days 9-11 5%
Day 12-13 2%
Phase 2

Total Supply – 7,000,000 DCBL

Dates – March 21st to April 9th

Bonus for ICO :

Time Bonus
Days 1-5 10%
Days 6-8 7%
Days 9-11 5%
Days 12-13 2%
Phase 3

Total Supply – 3,000,000 DCBL

Dates – April 10th to May 9th

Bonus for ICO :

Time Bonus
Days 1-12 10%
Days 13-21 7%
Days 22-27 5%
Days 28-31 2%

Target – Raise $14,000,000 USD

Distribution Date – June 10th

After our crowd sale has reached either the soft cap and the end date, or the full hard cap has been reached, we will begin token distribution. Users can then immediately begin exchanging on our accepted partner CREX24.com.

Team Members

Anthony Rene Colón Jr.

(Chairman & Founder)

Vincenzo Boyd

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Carlos Crespo

(Co-Founder & COO)

Ian Jackson

(Chief Marketing Officer)

Amit Verma

(Lead Back-End Developer)

Brian Zermeno

(Lead Blockchain Developer)

Our Advisors

Michael E. Bryant

(Non-Executive Chairman of Board)

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